Baker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” Red
Baker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” RedBaker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” RedBaker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” RedBaker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” RedBaker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” Red

Baker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” Red


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Product Description

Nothing sticks to Baker’s 13 silicone baking mats Designed for busy bakers plus the seasonal cookie creator baking cookies with kids. Ideal for baking cookies, rolls, biscuits plus bread sticks. These are generally furthermore best for roasting greens, frozen foods plus creating candy.

Each thick, reusable mat includes helpful “Dough Targets” for perfect cookie spacing. The 11″x15″ size is intended for half-sized baking pans. Save Money! * No need for expensive parchment paper, cooking sprays or aluminum foil * Keeps your baking pans and cookie sheets fresh and clean – they will last longer * Now you can use your old baking pans – the dough will not touch baked-on residue

Made of thick durable silicone, Baker’s 13 baking mats can be used thousands of times Baker’s 13 won’t fray at the edges like fiberglass baking mats and can be washed repeatedly in the dishwasher or washed by hand. Made of FDA approved, food grade, thick silicone; these mats will never become brittle.

“Dough Targets” make baking easier and more fun: * Place cookie dough on the dough target – no more guesswork needed * Now you can bake 18 cookies per sheet instead of 12 Baker’s 13 baking mats have a smooth, non-greasy surface and will not absorb odors or flavors. Baker’s 13 can be used in the oven, microwave and in the freezer.

Remember not to use baking mats as cutting boards – slicing them with a sharp knife will cause damage. Recommended initial temperature range from -30 to 400 degrees F. Once the baking mat is “seasoned” (used a couple of times), maximum recommended temperature is 430 degrees F.

About Baker’s 13: Baker’s 13 is a new Chicago bakeware company founded by 2 industrial designers intent on getting “more out of baking”. All products are designed and engineered in Chicago to strict FDA quality standards.


  • Simple to use: Place mat on any baking pan or cookie sheet and bake right on it. Perfect for baking cookies, but it is also great for biscuits, rolls, roasting vegetable, frozen foods, nachos and even making candy.
  • Saves money: Eliminates the need for expensive parchment paper, non-stick cooking sprays, oils or aluminum foil.
  • Easy to clean: Wipe with a sponge or drape on top rack in dishwasher. After washing, simply store it flat on a baking pan, roll it up, or hang it up on a hook using our unique hole.
  • Extra function: Our patent pending “dough targets” help to space cookies perfectly and efficiently. 11″x15″ size fits most common cookie sheets, 12″x16″ baking pans and standard “half sheet” (13″x18″) baking pans.
  • Long lasting: Our extra thick, hand-screened silicone baking mats won’t crease, rip or delaminate. Lifetime warranty from Baker’s 13

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“Color Blind” Red



Item Dimensions

Height: 1100 hundredths-inches
Length: 1500 hundredths-inches
Weight: 29 hundredths-pounds
Width: 4 hundredths-inches


Baker’s 13


Baker’s 13


Ultimate Baking Mat



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Package Dimensions

Height: 60 hundredths-inches
Length: 1230 hundredths-inches
Weight: 30 hundredths-pounds
Width: 640 hundredths-inches

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Baker’s 13




Baker’s 13


Baker’s 13 Silicone Baking Mat – “Color Blind” Red




Baker’s 13 is focused on quality. They are confident that your Baker’s 13 product will satisfy all of your expectations. If for some reason the product is defective, or does not meet you expectation, you can replace or return your Baker’s 13 baking mat with their limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


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